An open standard for representing beneficial ownership and control
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Beneficial Ownership Data Standard

This repository contains work in progress for the development of a data specification and standard for publication and consumption of data about Beneficial Ownership.

You can find the latest draft of the schema and documentation for review at

You can share feedback on the standard through this project's issue tracker.


This work is taking place under the auspices of the Open Ownership project. More details on the project are avaiable at

The work will be guided by the Data Standard Working Group, and initial phases will take place between December 2016 and March 2017.


For more details about the Open Ownership project, please contact the project coordinator, Zosia Sztykowski

Partners and funders

The initial development of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard is funded through support for the Open Ownership project from the UK Department for International Development. Open Ownership is a project of Transparency International, One, the Open Contracting Partnership, the World Wide Web Foundation, Global Witness and The B Team

Technical documentation

Build the docs locally

Please see


Translation consists of generating strings to be translated from the English docs, pushing them to Transifex, fetching translations back from Transifex, and then you can build the docs in the other languages you need.

To run the steps in the translation workflow, you need to install this repo and its dependencies in your local environment.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt 

And you need to get a Transifex API key, make sure you have access to the BODS project on Transifex

When you add or update the docs you need to do the following so that they can be translated, in the docs directory:

  1. Run make gettext to extract translatable English strings.
  2. If you have new pages run sphinx-intl update-txconfig-resources --pot-dir _build/gettext --transifex-project-name bods-v01 to register the translation files with Transifex (generates or updates contents .tx/config file).
  3. Run tx push -s to push to Transifex.

Now the files are ready to be translated in Transifex.

To fetch new translations when they're done, you need to:

  1. Run tx pull -a to fetch all, or tx pull -l ru to fetch a particular language.

To build another language locally use make html (in the docs directory) but pass the language you want:

$ sphinx-build -b html -D language=ru . _build/html/ru