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Your problems or your questions may interest other people. Please, do not contact me (Jflesch) by private message. Please use the mailing-list or the bug tracker.

Mailing list

Beware: By default, Google groups set your subscription to "no email".

You can sign up via the web at: *!forum/paperwork-gui/join

To subscribe without a Google account, send an email to

This is the place to go if:

  • you have any questions regarding Paperwork, Pyocr, or Pyinsane, etc
  • you want to discuss a new functionality for Paperwork, Pyocr or Pyinsane, etc
  • stay up-to-date regarding major changes on Paperwork (dependencies, etc)
  • get the release announcements first hand

Please write your emails in English.

Bug trackers

This is the place to go if Paperwork (or Pyinsane or PyOCR) doesn't act as expected. This includes:

  • Uncatched exceptions
  • Crashes
  • Unexpected or confusing behaviors from the GUI
  • Feature requests (please make it as specific, clear and detailed as possible)

If you don't know which bug tracker is the most appropriate, please use Paperwork's bug tracker. I'll create others tickets in other bug trackers if required.

Please write bug reports or feature requests in English.

Here is some information usually useful in a good bug report:

  • What is the problem ?
    • How to reproduce the problem ?
    • What was the expected result ?
    • What result did you get ?
  • Diagnostic info:
    • What version of Paperwork are you using ? (stable / testing / unstable)
    • How did you install Paperwork ? (virtualenv / / distribution package)
    • What GNU/Linux distribution are you using ?
    • Please attach the diagnostic output

Additionally, the output of Paperwork in a terminal may be useful.


Feel free to come chat a bit ! :-)

Server: ; Port: 6697 (SSL) ; Channel: #openpaperwork

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