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Bitflow is a library for building flow-based assessment systems. Feel free to check out the examples to get started.


Before you start you need to install the Biflow dependencies and set up the monorepo via pnpm install.

If you want to contribute or develop custom features the easiest way is to start the documentation and the dev mode:

pnpm dev
pnpm website:dev

You can use plop templates for creating new packages:

pnpm plop


Testing is done with jest. You can find the tests in each package in the tests folder. In order to run the tests for all packages do:

pnpm test

For running tests on an individual package run:

pnpm --filter @bitflow/core test


If you want to work on the documentation, run the development server.

pnpm dev
pnpm website:dev


Mike Barkmin • TwitterGitHub


We are happy to hear from you, if you need custom support or features for your application.

Bitflow is maintained by OpenPatch, an organization for educational assessments. If you need help or want to develop Bitflow tools or educational assessments get in touch.


Special thanks to the University of Duisburg-Essen and the Chair of Computer Science Education for supporting the development of this library.

Another huge shoutout to webkid for developing and maintaining React Flow. This library is the core of Bitflow.

We also like to thank Vercel for hosting our documentation.