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opios SDK v1.1.00 changes
- added group chat functionality
- added composing message status
opios SDK v1.0.11 changes
- WebRTC library updated to revision 5852 (April 7, 2014)
opios SDK v1.0.9 changes
- fix for ICE using TURN
- fix for ICE where local/remote candidate could become reversed
- fix for compiling some architectures
- moved UUID generator to SDK
- authorised application is regenerated on every login/relogin
opios SDK v1.0.8 changes
- add "final" flag to ice candidates to better detect when ice negotiation has failed
- improved rich push experience (more to come)
- added "created" flag so simultanious "peer-location-find" requests will have conflict resolution for the winner (thus peer sessions can reconnect properly from backgrounding)
- improved setting downloading
- removed arm64 from builds (as not possible to build WebRTC lib with arm64 at this moment)
- fix for binding issue when socket is unbound by the system for unspecified reason
- various crash fixes
opios SDK v0.5.1 changes
- improved backgrounding by adding phased backgrounding
- pushes before backgrounding
- added rich push
- added trickle ice for media
- improved handling of settings
- various caching improvements
- fixed many logout / application quit issues
- logger optimization
- fixed various deadlocks / crashes
- improved socket polling
- reduced conversation thread overhead by optionally pulling in peer files when needed
- added identity information to conversation thread for better identification when identity information is not available
- made many engine properties adjustable in settings
opios SDK v0.5.0 changes
- added: APNS push integration example
- fix: incoming call audio routing issue
- improved: NAT traveral with STUN/ICE/TURN
- improved: DNS handling / localized caching
- improved: settings downloading / control
- added: QR code scanner to easily download server settings during development process
- improved: server connectivity re-tries and keep-alive scenarios
- improved: iOS backgrounding (app going in/out of backgrounding and maintaining connections)
- fix: various random crashes for audio/video
- added: chat cell avatar downloading
- added: call duration
- improved: optimization via caching some data
- improved: tons more component level logging / tracing
- improved: updated to changes to the Open Peer protocol specification
- improved: background generation of RSA keys to cut down on start-up time
- added: MLS (Message Layer Security) to both P2P and P<->relay<->P connections (i.e. Diffie-Hellman with open peer fingerprint ID and RSA validation)
opios SDK v0.4.3 changes
- updated splash screen appearance
- improved image downloading
- fixed crashing bug related to contacts download
- updated OpenpeerData model
opios SDK v0.4.2 changes
- login is done via a webpage instead of a customized iOS window
- stability improvements
- application backgrounding improvements