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The Open Permissions Plaform Index Service

Useful Links

Service Overview

This repository contains the Index service which acts as a routing service. It includes a scheduling service which periodically polls repository services for newly added assets and it keeps track of that information for quick retrieval by storing it in a local database (using shelve).

Running locally

blazegraph data store

Follow the instruction on blazegraph to set up a data store for the index service.

index service application

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python develop
python index/

To show a list of available CLI parameters:

python index/ -h [--help]

To start the service using test.service.conf:

python index/ -t [--test]

Locally configurable options

Service options

Option name Description
name name of service
service_type type of service, in this case "index"
service_id the ID of the index service
port local port the serivce will run on
processes number of concurrent processes

Logging options

Option name Description
log_to_stderr outputs logging to console
log_file_prefix file name of log to use
syslog_host IP of external syslog server
syslog_port Port that the syslog server listens on
env name of environment, "dev" for development

Service capabilities

Option name Description
url_registry_db URL to registry db
url_accounts URL of the accounts service that index will use
url_authentication URL of the authentication service that index will use
url_identity URL of the identity service that index will use
url_onboarding URL of the onboarding service that index will use
url_query URL of the query service that index will use
url_repository URL of the repository service that index will use
url_transformation URL of the transformation service that index will use

Blazegraph database options

Option name Description
url_index_db URL of the running instance of blazegraph
index_db_port Port of the running instance of blazegraph
index_db_path Path to namespace in blazegraph
index_schema Namespace in blazegraph used by the index service
env name of environment, "dev" for development

SSL options

Option name Description
use_ssl Turn SSL on / off
ssl_key Local path to ssl key to use
ssl_cert Local path to ssl certificate to use
ssl_ca_cert Local path to ssl CA certificate
ssl_cert_reqs Levels of use of SSL: 0 (None), 1 (Optional), 2 (Required)

Polling and notification options

Option name Description
poll_repositories Turn polling on / off
notifications_queue_max_size Max size of notifications queue
accounts_poll_interval Polling interval in seconds
default_poll_interval Default polling interval in seconds (86400, once a day)
notify_min_delay Minimum delay between scans in seconds


Option name Description
cors Turn Cross-origin resource sharing on / off

Running tests and generating code coverage

To have a "clean" target from build artifacts:

make clean

To install requirements. By default prod requirement is used:

make requirements [REQUIREMENT=test|dev|prod]

To run all unit tests and generate a HTML code coverage report along with a JUnit XML report in tests/unit/reports:

make test

To run pyLint and generate a HTML report in tests/unit/reports:

make pylint

To run create the documentation for the service in _build:

make docs