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The Open Permissions Platform Transformation Service

Useful Links

Service Overview

The Transformation Service is a simple service used to transform rights data to a valid xml format.

Running locally

To run the service locally:

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python develop
python transformation/

To show a list of available CLI parameters:

python transformation/ -h [--help]

To start the service using test.service.conf:

python transformation/ -t [--test]

Running tests and generating code coverage

To have a "clean" target from build artifacts:

make clean

To install requirements. By default, prod requirement is used:

make requirements [REQUIREMENT=dev|prod]

To run all unit tests and generate an HTML code coverage report along with a JUnit XML report in tests/unit/reports:

make test

To run pyLint and generate a HTML report in tests/unit/reports:

make pylint

To run create the documentation for the service in _build:

make docs