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The goal of OpenPetra is to provide an easy to use software system for the administration of non-profit organisations.

To find out more about OpenPetra, please visit the webpage

The code for the Javascript client is in a separate repository, at


These are the steps required to setup a development environment on CentOS7:

# install required packages
yum install epel-release git
yum install mono-devel nant nunit xsp libsodium

# clone the code repositories
git clone --depth 10
git clone

cd openpetra

# setup the basic configuration

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <project name="OpenPetra-userconfig">
        <property name="DBMS.Type" value="sqlite"/>
        <property name="Server.DebugLevel" value="0"/>

# this will take a couple of minutes while code is generated and the solution gets compiled
nant generateSolution

# create a fresh sqlite database
nant recreateDatabase resetDatabase

# run the server with xsp4
nant start
# stop the server
nant stop

You can test your OpenPetra installation at http://localhost:9000 and http://localhost:9000/api


All code written by the OpenPetra development team is licensed under the GPL v3 or later. For third-party code, please see the license references in the respective directories (see csharp/ThirdParty).

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