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Fix report PartnerBySpecialType so that it works for PostgreSQL.

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tpokorra committed Nov 22, 2019
1 parent 4e9ac45 commit 55b8f72abf18e98603d16400039182fb90275deb
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  1. +3 −3 XmlReports/Partner/partnerbyspecialtype.html
@@ -22,13 +22,13 @@
FROM PUB_p_partner_location pl, PUB_p_location loc, PUB_p_partner_type as ptype,
PUB_p_partner LEFT JOIN PUB_p_partner_attribute AS PartnerAttributePhone
ON PartnerAttributePhone.p_partner_key_n = PUB_p_partner.p_partner_key_n
AND PartnerAttributePhone.p_attribute_type_c = "Phone"
AND PartnerAttributePhone.p_attribute_type_c = 'Phone'
LEFT JOIN PUB_p_partner_attribute AS PartnerAttributeMobile
ON PartnerAttributeMobile.p_partner_key_n = PUB_p_partner.p_partner_key_n
AND PartnerAttributeMobile.p_attribute_type_c = "Mobile Phone"
AND PartnerAttributeMobile.p_attribute_type_c = 'Mobile Phone'
LEFT JOIN PUB_p_partner_attribute AS PartnerAttributeEMail
ON PartnerAttributeEMail.p_partner_key_n = PUB_p_partner.p_partner_key_n
AND PartnerAttributeEMail.p_attribute_type_c = "E-Mail"
AND PartnerAttributeEMail.p_attribute_type_c = 'E-Mail'
WHERE ptype.p_partner_key_n = PUB_p_partner.p_partner_key_n
AND NOT PUB_p_partner.p_partner_key_n = 0
AND pl.p_partner_key_n = pub_p_partner.p_partner_key_n

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