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RESOLVED - issue DOC-57: Minimal dataset description

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@@ -355,12 +355,6 @@ <h4>Example</h4>
<section id="dataset-decscription">
<h2 id="dataset-describing">Describing Datasets</h2>
-<p class="todo">
-Extend the properties in this section to those required in the RDF Guidelines,
-to support the data harvester, and to cover standard information included in
-registries such as CKAN and other standards such as BioDBcore.
We assume that an RDF representation of the dataset has been generated
according to the Open PHACTS RDF Guidelines [[OPS-RDF]]. This section
@@ -984,10 +978,20 @@ <h3 id="linkset-minimal-dataset-desc">Minimal Dataset Description</h3>
set of properties must then be provided in the linkset document.
Other properties may also be given.
- <p class="todo">
- Add the properties that form the minimal dataset model.
- </p>
+ <li>
+ All aspects of <a href="#dataset-metadata">General Dataset
+ Metadata</a>.
+ </li>
+ <li>
+ All aspects of <a href="#dataset-prov-version">Provenance and
+ Version</a> metadata.
+ </li>
+ <li>
+ Where applicable, the information should be specified about a
+ subset of the data and details from
+ <a href="#dataset-subsets">Distinguishing Subsets</a> provided.
+ </li>
<!-- end linkset-min-dataset-desc -->

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