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Public, Open repository of Open PHACTS specifications, guidelines, etc.

All documents in this repository have an Open Access license and is visible to the world. It is therefore of utmost importance to not push anything that is not supposed to be world visible!

Moreover, all documents in repository are public and therefore also must feature the logos for IMI, ? and FP7 as required. Ask Anika for detail if you no longer have them in your inbox.


It uses RefSpec.js and a customized version of the matching CSS (license) from


Details of using the ReSpec are available from It is strongly recommended that you read that document and look at its HTML source code.

You may also find looking that the source code of other specifications within this repository a helpful source of information on how to work with the framework.


To make this documentation available online, you can follow these instructions. This example is for the RDF Guidelines (on GNU/Linux or compatible):

git clone git://
cd rdfguide
ln -s ../js
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