@jfrux jfrux released this Nov 15, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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  • New ping process that confirms EON is reachable.
  • Notifications implemented
  • Remembers height / width of window when you close and re-open.
  • Allows customizing the shell used in config file.
  • Fixes a bug when spaces are found in the SSH user directory.

@jfrux jfrux released this Nov 7, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

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We finally got to a real release.
Although we're definitely not 100% bug free, it's a solid release and I'm getting very happy with the utility of the app.

New Features

  • New preferences file. For instance, on Mac, just go to Workbench > Preferences to edit.
  • You can set a custom SSH key path if you don't like the one we use... (ahem @energee)
  • New UI with improved Windows experience.
  • Take a screenshot of your EON with 1 or maybe 2 clicks... it saves it to your desktop.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes issues with some ZMQ messages.
  • Adds copy / paste context menus and short cuts back.
  • Fixes menus not showing up.

@jfrux jfrux released this Nov 5, 2018 · 21 commits to master since this release

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Decided to focus this release on console command automation.
🚗Now you get automated command generation / execution.
🎉5 new console commands ready to test:
Install Openpilot
Backup Openpilot
Get Fingerprint
Launch Android Settings (Access settings on EON that aren't normally available.)
Reboot EON
💪More commands to come in next releases...

This just made the majority of my guides... obsolete... 😬

@jfrux jfrux released this Nov 4, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

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  • Ability to expand / collapse ZMQ data sent over from EON.
  • You can now pause/play the data feed so you can collapse / expand the data as it stands.
  • Data is now being captured and stored for future navigating of the data.
  • Set the depth of the data as its streaming you want to see... no more jumping data!

Coming in v0.0.34

  • Ability to navigate through the data records that you've captured.
  • Possibly able to play back the recording in real-time... (may get pushed to 0.0.35)
  • Possibly able to record samples and persist the data to your computer for possible replay. (may get pushed to 0.0.35)


@jfrux jfrux released this Oct 31, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

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  • Network Scanning is now done over IPC and is like.. a zillion times faster and more reliable.
  • Moving scanning to IPC has set the stage for the Console and Data feeds to come from IPC as well which will drastically improve the UI performance.
  • UI Fixes for Console.
  • UI Fixes for Windows

@jfrux jfrux released this Oct 28, 2018 · 32 commits to master since this release

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  • Hot Fix for Scanning...
  • Adds better visual understanding of what is happening when you "add" manually.
  • Now scans 10,000+ IP's in same amount of time.
  • Lets you add the host even if its unresolved.
  • More efficient "sampling" now when you press record the content goes into a "csv" text box.
  • Pause sampling to copy / paste into excel or something... will eventually have a download option to download a CSV file.

@jfrux jfrux released this Oct 26, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

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  • NEW! Adds Very Basic Sampling Feature for each data point.
    • Will improve this gradually as we use it and find out its limitations.
  • Moved Windows to PowerShell.exe instead of CMD.exe
  • Improved UI across the system.
  • MAJOR improvements to Scanning.

@jfrux jfrux released this Oct 26, 2018 · 37 commits to master since this release

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  • Adds All Service Logs to EON console.
  • Restructures EON console to use a left navigation structure instead of tabs since we have so many services.
  • Adds more details to service-list.yaml in app/constants (looking for folks to help me update the fields to make this more informative for users of Workbench. Will use this information once we get all of it in place.

@jfrux jfrux released this Oct 24, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

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  • New State Tabs with SPEEDINESS
  • Added some nicer compatibility with Windows on console tab (hopefully)
  • Updated Icon and Scroll bars for Windows.