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@chilianyi chilianyi released this May 9, 2019

  • feature: Add comments to .proto and automatically generate API documents. #920
  • upgrade: Modify the way of deploing openpitrix with k8s. #917
  • upgrade: Upgrade minikube to 0.35.0 in travis. #919
  • bugfix: Optimize compose-put-global-config in allinone makefile. #920
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Mar 30, 2019

  • feature: Implement attachment-manager && Refactor app lifecycle #759
  • feature: Add metad service in frontgate node #765
  • feature: Implement app version reviews #781
  • feature: Add update env feature for vmbased cluster #782
  • feature: Add app vendor management #785
  • feature: Use IAM as third-party service #809
  • feature: Add runtime provider manager and make plugin independent #811
  • feature: Add notification to docker compose and k8s yaml #825
  • feature: Add API: GetServiceConfig and SetServiceConfig #864
  • feature: Add global runtime provider config #880
  • upgrade: Add detail to error message #756
  • upgrade: Display operation id when access swagger ui #764
  • upgrade: Independent runtime credential from runtime #773
  • upgrade: BuildUpdateAttributes support base type #774
  • upgrade: Able to modify runtime credential #776
  • upgrade: Add validate runtime credential #777
  • upgrade: Add ingress for deploying in k8s #778
  • upgrade: Refactor services with owner_path #788
  • upgrade: Add config file for metad #790
  • upgrade: Add metad to metadata image #791
  • upgrade: Add display columns for each describe api #792
  • upgrade: Add debug api for cluster and runtime #794
  • upgrade: Add icon to category && Add reviewer and status_time to AppVersionReview #799
  • upgrade: Refactor protos: add comment #800
  • upgrade: Add new iam service to docker compose #802
  • upgrade: Add status_time/reviewer to AppVersionReview #806
  • upgrade: Add app_name/version_name to AppVersionReview/AppVersionAudit #808
  • upgrade: Add appvendor to makefile #810
  • upgrade: Use rp manager to unify etcd registration #813
  • upgrade: Add owner path check permission #816
  • upgrade: Add vendor infomation into app details #836
  • upgrade: Refactor review/pass/reject APIs #838
  • upgrade: Add IsvCreateUser && prevent delete group that contain users && add role isv #839
  • upgrade: Parallel run travis test #840
  • upgrade: Add appvendor data permission. #841
  • upgrade: Add notification contents #844
  • upgrade: Add owner path for cluster_node and cluster_link #848
  • upgrade: Update cancel app version process #851
  • upgrade: Create user with bind role && bind admin role by default #855
  • upgrade: Binding role with iam #857
  • upgrade: After pass isv apply, update user's role to isv. #860
  • upgrade: Mv upload image package cmds into one bash script #865
  • upgrade: Change DeleteRoles request to repeated string #875
  • upgrade: A thorough reconstruction of iam #878
  • upgrade: Add root group id for describe user and group #881
  • upgrade: Send email to users with action bundle #891
  • upgrade: Add email template and basic config setting #895
  • upgrade: Add ValidateEmailService API in OP #902
  • upgrade: Rename appvendor module to isv #904
  • upgrade: Update k8s deploy #910
  • upgrade: Add audit records for all operator #915
  • upgrade: Deploy into k8s with specific versions #914
  • upgrade: Deploy into allinone with specific versions #916
  • bugfix: Fix X-Metad-Version header in metad client #757
  • bugfix: Able to pass empty string as conf parameters #758
  • bugfix: Not to overwrite configuration file when it is not empty #761
  • bugfix: Add switch for fetching helm cluster additional information #766
  • bugfix: StartClusters will trigger restart docker daemon #767
  • bugfix: Fix frontgate start with default configuration #769
  • bugfix: Fix without registry mirror when create cluster and frontgate together #775
  • bugfix: Use env in table cluster for helm #783
  • bugfix: Fix wrong table bug when modify runtime credential #784
  • bugfix: Change validate credential from get to post #787
  • bugfix: Fix could not get drone ip list #789
  • bugfix: Revert app/repo/category path refactor #801
  • bugfix: Fix appvendor issue and add a new statistics api #805
  • bugfix: GetCluster will be able to return debug clusters #814
  • bugfix: Remove filter access_path from DescribeActiveApps/DescribeActiveAppVersions #815
  • bugfix: Add retry and wait for register runtime provider #817
  • bugfix: Use latest tag dashboard image with same major version. #822
  • bugfix: Simplify test log #834
  • bugfix: Fix SyncRepo cannot sync repo type #835
  • bugfix: Register owner path when create frontgate #837
  • bugfix: Fix can not get password in notification #850
  • bugfix: Fix can not get ownerpath. #852
  • bugfix: Assign cluster zone for aws runtime provider #853
  • bugfix: Not allow same runtime credential and runtime #858
  • bugfix: Cancel app version and clear review_id #862
  • bugfix: Fix nil pointer panic in account service #868
  • bugfix: Create user without bind role && AccessPath is empty #874
  • bugfix: Fix owner path when create and join root group #879
  • bugfix: Fix get uuid failed when pod ip is public ip #885
  • bugfix: Unbound role when delete users && Add system sender when init #886
  • bugfix: Fix failed bind role for PassVendorVerifyInfo #887
  • bugfix: Change role to reviewAccess in app review apis #888
  • bugfix: Change role to operator type && Refactor app review apis && Refresh token use origin user #889
  • bugfix: Fix owner permission && Refactor describe all func #890
  • bugfix: Not allow to delete users && Fix describe audit permission && check app and version name #892
  • bugfix: Grpc to metadata with timeout && Add version type for audit and review #894
  • bugfix: Only update reviewer when action is review && Update dashboard env && Fix remove all other cluster mapping when deregister metadata mapping #896
  • bugfix: Fix port issue and basic config default issue. #897
  • bugfix: Return error when describe cluster details, not get response #898
  • bugfix: Fix frontgate reconnect to pilot and add more log #899
  • bugfix: Add log size and num limit for metadata && Return gerr when failed #905
  • bugfix: Use different frontgate for debug runtime #906
  • bugfix: Send email when recover app version && Unique send email #908
  • bugfix: Fix validate email config issue. #909
  • bugfix: Add darwin bin for mac system #911
  • bugfix: Check company name when submit vendor info #912
  • bugfix: fix the collide variable name #913
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Nov 22, 2018

  • upgrade: Add column controller to table repo.
  • upgrade: Fix aliyun plugin.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Nov 13, 2018 · 331 commits to master since this release

  • feature: Add aliyun provider plugin.
  • bugfix: Change to patch when update namespace annotation.
  • bugfix: Fix helm cluster name can't be empty.
  • bugfix: Recreate pod when deploy latest version.
  • bugfix: Add zoneinfo to docker image.
  • upgrade: Optimize image pull policy in helm package.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Nov 12, 2018 · 23 commits to release-0.3 since this release

  • feature: Add market service.
  • feature: Add helm release manner.
  • bugfix: Fix could not distribute drone through grpc.
  • bugfix: Fix not to change the cwd of the program managed by supervisor.
  • bugfix: Fix conpose-migrate-db bugs && start etcd firstly.
  • bugfix: Update namespace annotations when the namespace already exists.
  • upgrade: Check tiller is existed and running when creating k8s runtime.
  • upgrade: Add a way to deploy to docker-compose.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Nov 5, 2018 · 46 commits to release-0.3 since this release

  • bugfix: Fix sonyflake id generator with random machine id.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Oct 26, 2018 · 48 commits to release-0.3 since this release

  • bugfix: Not timeout for db ctrl job.
  • bugfix: Only upload config files to qingstor and push image on repo openpitrix/openpitrix.
  • bugfix: Ignore empty log file in drone.
  • bugfix: Fix supervisor couldn't stop service.
  • bugfix: Not cover frontgate.conf when docker default restart.
  • upgrade: Refactor account service.
  • upgrade: Auto upload image scripts into qingstor.
  • upgrade: Limit mysql bin log to 1G 7days.
  • upgrade: Add make check && Fix vet error.
  • upgrade: Display more detail for helm cluster.
  • upgrade: Change deploy parameters & change request and limit parameter format.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Oct 12, 2018 · 80 commits to release-0.3 since this release

  • bugfix: Limit the max length of Release.Name to 14.
  • bugfix: Pin the builder image version.
  • bugfix: Add retry sleep when send request to frontgate in case of frontgate is upgrading.
  • bugfix: Add timeout for helm task.
  • bugfix: Can't change helm release name when updating cluster env.
  • bugfix: Use a more strict regexp to limit helm release name.
  • bugfix: Fix volume may be already deleted when waiting it to be deleted.
  • bugfix: Filter owner for key pair.
  • bugfix: Add search_word to DescribeCategories.
  • bugfix: Add repo write checker.
  • bugfix: Fix err message of helm cluster name regex.
  • bugfix: Not change service nodeport when upgrade openpitrix.
  • upgrade: Try new helm scheme decoder.
  • upgrade: Replace break line in log.
  • upgrade: Add frontgate auto update parameter to global config.
  • upgrade: Refactor test: split the test code for each project into different folders.
  • upgrade: Support interaction with k8s through public ip.
  • upgrade: Add jwt to opctl.
  • upgrade: Use release version Dashboard image if exist.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Sep 30, 2018

  • feature: Add Identity Management service.
  • feature: Add update mechanism for frontgate and drone.
  • bugfix: Fix job runtime id is empty.
  • bugfix: Read max working job and task from global config.
  • bugfix: Fix can't delete helm cluster when helm release has already been purged.
  • bugfix: Deny delete internal repo.
  • bugfix: Swagger ui support https.
  • bugfix: Add eip when describe clusters.
  • bugfix: sync app/app_version status.
  • bugfix: Upgrade minio version to avoid health-check failed.
  • bugfix: Remove API DeleteAppVersions.
  • bugfix: Fix stop aws frontgate failed: stop instance then detach volume.
  • bugfix: Able to Stop/Delete aws cluster when volume is avalible.
  • bugfix: Add namespace when put global config.
  • bugfix: Fix logger err msg without parameters.
  • bugfix: Waiting more time on helm task.
  • bugfix: Able to modify password.
  • upgrade: Add register and deregister for metadata mapping.
  • upgrade: Update builder to go1.11.
  • upgrade: Implement Auth/Token.
  • upgrade: Add max log size and file count for docker compose env.
  • upgrade: Make add repo error more readable.
  • upgrade: Add dashboard default client config && auto generate client config when deploy on k8s.
  • upgrade: Add cluster_type for DescribeClusters api.
  • upgrade: Add IAM init account support.
  • upgrade: Add param direct_delete to DeleteApps/DeleteAppVersion.
  • upgrade: Add zh_CN to error message.
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@chilianyi chilianyi released this Sep 17, 2018 · 116 commits to release-0.2 since this release

  • feature: Add minikube as runtime.
  • bugfix: Parse label/selector with sort.
  • bugfix: No need to check runtime_url when create kubernetes runtime.
  • bugfix: Not use bash to exec Makefile.
  • bugfix: Fix nil pointer bugs when deploy cluster in helm.
  • bugfix: Support passed app_version cancel.
  • upgrade: Transfer gRPC metadata between services.
  • upgrade: Move constants in pkg/models into pkg/constants.
  • upgrade: Refactor dbr InsertInto, auto detect column of the inserted record.
  • upgrade: Add test for StringChosen.
  • upgrade: Default support all provider plugins.
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