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OpenPlanetary Members and Contributors Guide

You can contribute to OpenPlanetary in several ways.


Our blog is hosted on Medium as Publication: OpenPlanetary ( See it a little bit like a 'GitHub organization' vs your 'GiHub account'...

  • Once your account created, you can draft, edit and publish your own Stories (posts), and you can decide to submit them in OpenPlanetary publication if you want. You need to be added as Writer for that. Just ask us by email, or via Slack (to Nicolas or Angelo).
  • Publication's Editors can review submissions, add stories, edit and publish submitted drafts, and remove any stories from this publication. If you want to be an OpenPlanetary Publication Editor, ask us by email, or via Slack (to Nicolas or Angelo).

Add your inputs to our OP Blog Roster:

Topics and guidelines

Topics are not limited but include planetary data, tools, workflow, science, community events; for example: availability of planetary data, including information on how the data are found, downloaded, processed, and used for cartography and scientific analysis; trends in data storage and rapid access; analysis and visualization tools using current and new algorithms and methods.

For those who want to share code available in the form of GitHub Gists, you can do easily do so pasting the URL in your Medium post. Or you can use this nice tool to Create Medium posts from Markdown in a snap.