How to Create Your Own Map

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Let's get started!

We just released OPM Mars Basemap v0.1, a first draft version of our vector-based basemap of Mars and we would like you to use it. Using CARTO Builder along with our set of basemaps and open repository of geospatial datasets, you can quickly create and share Martian maps like this quick 'Marshup Map'.

If you're more of the hacker type, you can have fun too. See the example of our simple basemaps viewer. But let's focus on creating Martian maps using CARTO Builder.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. First, download a couple of datasets from the available OPM Data Sets. For example: opm_mars_landing_sites
  2. Create your CARTO account
  3. Create new map
  4. Connect dataset (use the data file(s) you downloaded earlier)
  5. Change basemap to OPM Mars Basemap v0.1. When asked for the URL source for your custom basemap, insert this link:{z}/{x}/{y}.png

  1. Try styling your layer(s)
  2. Publish your map and get a link to share

If you share the maps you created with OPM basemaps and datasets, let us know know, use the #OpenPlanetaryMap hashtag on social networks.

Please raise any issues (suggestions, feedback, ideas...) related to the design and/or usability of the OPM Mars Basemap v0.1.


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