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About WhoIsMyGov

This is the software behind

It provides a web UI and a web service that can be used to look up
federal, state, and (when we have the data) local elected officials
and candidates.

Installation and Setup


You need PostGIS ( installed first.

We recommend installing Purplevoter in a virtualenv

Get the Source

You can use Git to get the source code, like so::

$ git clone


Install the software; if using virtualenv, be sure to activate the
virtualenv first. Then::

$ python develop

Then you are almost ready to go, except you need some data.

Database Bootstrapping
First tweak the development.ini config file as appropriate and then
setup the application.

To set up the database:

First create a postgres user named whoismygov::

$ createuser -s whoismygov


$ createdb -T template_postgis -O whoismygov -E utf8 whoismygov

If that doesn't work, eg. on ubuntu systems you may have to first
bootstrap the template_postgis database. See eg Step 4 of:

Then try the createdb command again.

Next, fix up some table ownership::

$ psql -c "alter table geometry_columns owner to whoismygov;" whoismygov
$ psql -c "alter table spatial_ref_sys owner to whoismygov;" whoismygov

Then to populate the data, first be sure you have activated your
virtualenv if using one, then::

$ paster setup-app --name=whoismygov development.ini
$ python version_control
$ python upgrade

Start the Dev Server

Start it like any other Pylons app::

$ paster serve development.ini

Development Notes


Deployment Notes

We might eventually use mod_wsgi. For now, we (OpenPlans) run Paste under
the control of supervisord (, and assume you
can set up Apache or another web server to reverse-proxy it.

The source includes a supervisord.conf suitable for running the paste
server under the control of supervisord, which will restart it if it
ever crashes.  To use supervisord:

* I assume you've built in a virtualenv as described above.

* Edit supervisord.conf; in the [supervisord] section, set the
  "directory" setting to the full path of the parent directory of your

* Edit production.ini as desired.

* In the parent of the virtualenv, create an etc/ subdirectory
  and symlink both production.ini and supervisord.conf into it.

* Also create a logs/ subdirectory.

Then you can run $VIRTUALENV/bin/supervisord to start things up.

To shut down, run this::

 $VIRTUALENV/bin/supervisorctl shutdown.

To restart the paste server, run::

 $VIRTUALENV/bin/supervisorctl restart whoismygov


Originally created by Anil Makhijani under the name PurpleVoter, it is
being developed currently by OpenPlans (

Code was initially hosted at and
then forked to and then
converted to Git and imported to

Much development work was done in partnership with Transportation
Alternatives ( for their Candidate Survey
site ( ).

For more info, contact Paul Winkler (pw @

How It Works

See DEVELOPMENT_NOTES.txt for more info.