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Document how to handle stuck migrations

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@@ -42,6 +42,18 @@ located under the various app directories, notably
``ebpub/ebpub/db/migrations/`` to see what the existing migration
scripts look like.
+.. admonition:: If a migration gets stuck...
+ If you run `` migrate`` and it seems to hang -- just
+ sitting there indefinitely -- this typically means some other code is
+ trying to write to the database, but the migration needs an exlusive
+ lock to alter some tables, so it waits "forever" for those other
+ scripts to go away. (See
+ ). Typically these will be :doc:`scraper <running_scrapers>` scripts. To fix it, either
+ restart the database, or ``kill`` all the other processes that are
+ writing to the database. The migration should then finish with no trouble.
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