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From 0 to Shareabouts in about an hour

Shareabouts requires python2.6 or greater.

If you are converting from Shareabouts 1.0, note that we have switched platforms. See the upgrade docs.

If you are looking for documentation for Shareabouts v1, see the original docs.

What's here

This package contains the Shareabouts web map application, which consists of JavaScript, some configuration files that you use to tailor the app to your needs, and a small glue layer that talks to the underlying Shareabouts API server.

The Shareabouts API is not part of this package. You'll need to install that separately, or its authors (OpenPlans) would be happy to host your API for you - details to come.

For more about the parts of Shareabouts, see the architecture documentation.

Local Setup

Install pip and virtualenv, if not already installed. These will keep your python code isolated from the rest of your machine and ensure you have the correct versions.

easy_install pip
pip install virtualenv

You may need to use sudo to install these tools.

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv

Create a new virtual environment inside of the repository folder, and install the project requirements:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

NOTE: If you run into trouble with gevent, you can safely comment it out of the requirements.txt file. It is not needed for local development. To comment it out, just add a hash "#" to the beginning of the line for gevent.

To run the development server:

src/ runserver

The server will, by default, be started at http://localhost:8000/ . But note that it won't be very useful till you complete configuration below.

NOTE: If you're new to programming with virtualenv, be sure to remember to activate your virtual environment every time you start a new terminal session:

source env/bin/activate

Running the Shareabouts API Service

For local development, you will also want to install and run the back-end API service. To do so, you will want clone the Shareabouts API.

For example, in another terminal session, do this:

git clone cd shareabouts-api

Then read its own install documentation, in doc/ You'll want to run it on a separate port; we usually use 8001.


Next you need to configure the Shareabouts web app. See the config docs.

Static assets

Static assets for the web map interface should be placed in the src/sa_web/static/ folder. Included libraries and dependencies can be placed in src/sa_web/static/libs/. These files will be available on the local development server at:



See the deployment docs.


To run the tests, see the testing docs.

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