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# The Shareabouts API dataset username & name used by this map.
# You MUST change this after creating a dataset.
dataset: openplans/rr-stations
# And the associated API key.
dataset_api_key: YOUR_KEY_HERE
# Settings for the app
# HTML Title
title: Bike Parking Survey
# Header name
name: Bike Parking Survey
# Meta description that will show up in Google search results
meta_description: The Bike Parking Survey is a way to crowdsource bike parking availability at local train stations.
# Settings for map and layer configs
lat: 39.9523524
lng: -75.1636075
zoom: 12
minZoom: 10
maxZoom: 17
url: http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png
attribution: '&copy; OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA. <a href="" target="_blank">Terms &amp; Feedback</a>'
layers: []
# The keys show up in the dropdown list when you are adding a new place
# The values map the place type to map icons (defined below).
place_types: {
Regional Rail Station: {
default: blue,
focused: red
# Defines place icons. See
# for documention of each property. Any omitted property will be undefined.
place_type_icons: {
blue: {
iconUrl: /static/css/images/feature-point.png,
iconSize: { width: 17, height: 18 },
iconAnchor: { x: 9, y: 9 },
popupAnchor: { x: 9, y: 9 }
red: {
iconUrl: /static/css/images/marker-focused.png,
shadowUrl: /static/css/images/marker-shadow.png,
iconSize: { width: 25, height: 41 },
shadowSize: { width: 41, height: 41 },
iconAnchor: { x: 12, y: 41 },
popupAnchor: { x: 12, y: 6 }
adding_supported: false
add_button_label: Add an Place
anonymous_name: Someone
submit_button_label: Submit
survey: {
submission_type: surveys,
# Response display config
show_responses: true,
response_name: bike parking estimate,
response_plural_name: bike parking estimate,
action_text: estimated the bike parking at,
anonymous_name: Someone,
# Survey form config
title: Tell us about this station,
form_link_text: "How many bikes can park here?",
submit_btn_text: Submit,
items: [
prompt: "How many bicycles can park at this station?",
label: bikes,
type: text,
name: parking_count,
attrs: [
{ key: placeholder, value: "#"}
}, {
prompt: Your Name,
label: Name,
type: text,
name: submitter_name,
optional: true
prompt: Comment,
label: Comment,
type: textarea,
name: comment,
optional: true
support: {
submission_type: support,
submit_btn_text: I'd park my bike here!,
action_text: wants to park a bike at,
anonymous_name: Someone
- title: About
slug: about
url: /static/pages/overview.html
start_page: true
- title: Download
- title: Station Data
external: true
url: /download/places.csv
- title: Parking Data
external: true
url: /download/surveys.csv
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