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From 0 to Shareabouts in about an hour

Shareabouts requires python2.6 or greater.

Local set up

Install pip and virtualenv, if not already installed. These will keep your requirements isolated from the rest of your machine.

easy_install pip
pip install virtualenv

You may need to use sudo to install these tools.

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv

Create a new virtual environment inside of the repository folder, and install the project requirements:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

NOTE: If you run in to trouble with gevent, you can safely comment it out of the requirements.txt file. It is not needed for local development. To comment it out, just add a hash to the beginning of the line for gevent.

To run the development server:

src/ runserver

The server will, by default, be started at http://localhost:8000/.

NOTE: If you're new to programming with virtual environments, be sure to remember to activate your virtual environment every time you start a new terminal session.

source env/bin/activate


The Shareabouts REST API requires GeoDjango. To install GeoDjango on your platform, see

Create a development database for the Shareabouts data store. Copy the file src/project/ to and fill in the credentials for connecting to your development database. This file will not be checked in to the repository.

Static assets

Static assets for the web map interface should be placed in the src/sa_web/static/sa/ folder. Included libraries and dependencies can be placed in src/sa_web/static/libs/. These files will be available on the server at:


Getting Set Up on DotCloud

First, create a new dotcloud application from the contents of the v1 branch:

dotcloud create shareabouts
dotcloud push -b v1

Log on to the database server:

dotcloud ssh shareabouts.db

Start up psql:


Create a database for the Shareabouts data store:

create database shareabouts_v1 with template=template1;

Great! Now exit out of the database server and log in to the web server:

dotcloud ssh shareabouts.www

Find out the database connection information:

cat ~/environment.json

Take note of the DOTCLOUD_DB_SQL_HOST, DOTCLOUD_DB_SQL_PORT, DOTCLOUD_DB_SQL_LOGIN, and DOTCLOUD_DB_SQL_PASSWORD values. Use these to configure the server:

cd current/src/project

Enter the host, port, username, and password for the database. Also, set the following variables:

STATIC_ROOT = '/home/dotcloud/static/'
SHAREABOUTS_API_ROOT = 'http://<hostname>/api/v1/'

Save the file and exit out of the editor. Next, set up the models in the DB, and move the static files in to the right place:

cd ../..
src/ syncdb --migrate
src/ collectstatic --noinput

Create an nginx configuration file so that the server knows where to look for the static files:

nano nginx.conf

Enter the following into the nginx configuration:

location /static/ { root /home/dotcloud ; }

Save it and close the file. For good measure, back up your local_settings module and your nginx config:

cp current/src/project/ .
cp current/nginx.conf .

Now get off the server and restart the application:

dotcloud restart shareabouts.www

Should be all done!

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