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@@ -24,4 +24,4 @@ notifications:
# on_failure: change
- - sa-web
+ - master
11 doc/
Shareabouts (SA) is composed primarily of two parts:
-the Shareabouts API service, and the Shareabouts Web front-end
-These are currently (2012-09-05) developed on two branches on github:
-sa-services and sa-web respectively. That is likely to change, at
-some point they will probably become separate repositories.
+the [Shareabouts API](
+service, and the [Shareabouts](
+front-end application.
The Shareabouts Web Application
@@ -42,7 +39,7 @@ creating and retrieving geographic points and metadata about them.
It also includes a management UI for creating datasets and
inspecting the raw data stored by the back end.
-For more about this, see **TODO: link to sa-service docs**
+For more about this, see **TODO: link to API docs**
Shareabouts Data Model
4 doc/
@@ -11,13 +11,13 @@ Deploying to DotCloud
At OpenPlans, we have been deploying Shareabouts to DotCloud internally, so many
of the files necessary are already in the repository.
-* First, create a new dotcloud application from the contents of the `sa-web` branch:
+* First, create a new dotcloud application from the contents of the `master` branch:
dotcloud create <instance name>
* Push the code to DotCloud
- dotcloud push <instance name> -b sa-web
+ dotcloud push <instance name> -b master
Note you should either push all your changes to your master
repository (eg. github or whatever you're using for version
13 doc/
@@ -65,24 +65,21 @@ Running the Shareabouts API Service
For local development, you will also want to install and run the
-back-end API service. To do so, you will want a separate clone
-of the shareabouts repository, with the sa-service branch checked out.
-(This is as of 2012-09-05; will likely move to a separate repository
-in the future.)
+back-end API service. To do so, you will want clone the
+[Shareabouts API](
For example, in another terminal session, do this:
- git clone sa-service
- cd sa-service
- git checkout sa-service
+ git clone
+ cd shareabouts-api
Then read its own install documentation, in doc/
You'll want to run it on a separate port; we usually use 8001.
-Next you need to configure the SA web app.
+Next you need to configure the Shareabouts web app.
See [the config docs](

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