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base fork: openplans/shareabouts
head fork: openplans/shareabouts
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
@slinkp slinkp Document twitter callback URI. cded447
@atogle atogle Logged in supports and likes should not appear on mobile [Story26106429] 4f39847
@atogle atogle Merge branch 'master' of 63b0f18
Commits on Mar 22, 2012
@andycochran andycochran refactor popup css to get scrolling working in iOS; styles moved from…
… chrome.css to layout-fullscreen.css
@atogle atogle fix popup header but still scroll on ios eb4c86c
@atogle atogle tidy up some popup styles 911a36d
@atogle atogle mobile scroll plugin for IOS 4 and below a75fae6
@andycochran andycochran reformat popup content styles to work with new mobile scrolling changes d1274f5
@andycochran andycochran remove extra html tag 27d22ad
@andycochran andycochran restyle popup content so scrollbars don't overlap social div 90ba9db
@atogle atogle Feature popup arrow should line up with point on mobile #26106377 62a7a53
@atogle atogle fix crosshair point adding for ipads #25257317 7a9a9d7
@andycochran andycochran make ticker links block-level & fill li b7c0690
@andycochran andycochran fix avatars in ticker indexing above link 13fa544
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
@slinkp slinkp Make out-of-bounds error translatable d803d18
@juliamae juliamae Adding simple documentation to models; Cleaning up READ_ME and removi…
…ng installation-related documentation in favor of the wiki.
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
@juliamae juliamae Locking rmagick to version 2.12.2. 51e269a
@juliamae juliamae Merge branch 'master' into profiles 55a0802
@juliamae juliamae Adding user agent and client IP to profiles and ensuring uniqueness. 8039f94
@juliamae juliamae Adding class method to Profile to find or generate profile from a 'fi…
@juliamae juliamae Modifying ApplicationController#current_profile to return current use…
…r's profile, or to restore profile from cookie, or to find profile based on fingerprint.
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