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Open Plant Pathology

A community that values open data and computational tools for advancing epidemiology and pathogen population biology and ecology


  1. Open Plant Pathology website

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  2. hagis Public

    Forked from AGmccoy/Phytopthora-sojae-Pathotype-analysis

    Analysis of plant pathogen pathotype complexities, distributions and diversity in R

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  3. A systematic/quantitative review of articles, which provides a basis for identifying what has been done so far in the field of plant pathology research reproducibility and suggestions for ways to i…

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  4. Open ideas, data and code sharing: epidemiologists should be in front!

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  5. Supporting data and information for the Workshop "Introduction to Multivariate Statistics Using R" presented at the International Congress of Plant Pathology 2018 Boston USA

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  6. Slides for lightning talk on OPP community by Adam Sparks at useR!2018

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