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PMIx Reference RunTime Environment (PRRTE) (Pronounced: purr-tay)

PRRTE is the PMIx Reference Run Time Environment - a runtime environment containing the reference implementation and capable of operating within a host environment. PRRTE provides an easy way of exploring PMIx capabilities and testing PMIx-based applications outside of a PMIx-enabled environment by providing a “shim” between the application and the host environment that includes full support for the PMIx Standard. The intent of PRRTE is not to replace any existing production environment, but rather to enable developers to work on systems that do not yet feature a PMIx-enabled host environment or one that lacks a PMIx feature of interest. Instructions for downloading, installing, and using PRRTE are available on the community’s web site here

NOTE: The project is formally referred to in documentation by "PRRTE", and the GitHub repository is "prrte". However, we have found that most users do not like typing the two consecutive "r"s in the name. Hence, all of the internal API symbols, environment variables, MCA frameworks, and CLI executables all use the abbreviated "prte" (one "r", not two) for convenience.

Documentation Needing to be Written

prterun with personalities

Variety of additional documentation items

Improve documentation of "span" qualifier

Proposed Extensions

Prune the DVM

Bootstrap Mode

Reenable Singulariy support

Custom --help/--version per schizo personality

Add IBM CSM support

LSF provided affinity is not supported

Add ordered pe-list option to mapper

Environment propagation per app context

Support for SIGHUP in tools

Extend IPv6 support

Support empty relative node specifier in rankfiles

Make debugger examples more robust