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An OpenPnP compatible SMT pick and place machine based on OpenBuilds linear motion components.

For announcements about this and other OpenPnP hardware, please join the OpenPnP mailing list at:

Versions and Branches

The master branch contains the most up to date version and should be used for new builds. The develop branch contains new work and may not yet be ready for release. It should only be used by developers.

When a new version is released it is tagged with a version number that can be used to find that set of files in the future. If you are working on a previous build you should use the files from the tagged version you built your machine from. This will ensure compatibility. The list of released versions is below:

Version Description
1.0 First release, demoed at Maker Faire 2015.


CAD files are created in Cubify Design ( ) which has a 14 day fully functional free demo and is $199.00 to purchase. I highly recommend it.

Autodesk Fusion 360 versions are available at the following links. These links can be used to download the files in various formats, including STEP.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials at:

Be sure to select the sheet that corresponds to the version you are building.

Note that the BOM is rough and several items are estimates. This machine was built as a prototype piece by piece, so it may be possible to purchase many of the items elsewhere for less cost. In addition, many items are purchased in large quantities when only a few are needed.


Note that general hardware is not included in the BOM. You will need a huge variety of metric hardware. Full listing to come later. I recommend buying every size of M2, M3 and M5 Zinc Coated Phillips Pan Head from about 8mm to 25mm, along with regular nuts, nylock nuts, split lock washers and flat washers for each. McMaster is a good source for this hardware.

Build Instructions



An OpenPnP compatible SMT pick and place machine based on OpenBuilds linear motion components.







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