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Associazione Openpolis website
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apache.sample sample apache config and wsgi added
assets footer and faces page changed
django_cache fix requirements, manage and django_cache path
easycms add banner preview
management export subscribers and subscriptions management task adjusted
templates comment for 5xmille snippet added
web/media google analytics tracker changed to multi-subdomains
.gitignore csv files and script ignored by git
README.rst README file added initial commit Added Associate email to Membership list and form 5xmille: added form for subscript fix requirements, manage and django_cache path implemented cms, implemented forms to register
requirements.txt conflicts solved after merge Migrated home page twitter feed from API 1 to 1.1 fix styles for 5xmille page and add footer link update 5xmille


Openpolis association website

This is the website of the openpolis association.

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