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Transparency in italian Comuni
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After openparlamento’s success, many of the users and associates of the Openpolis association asked us to do something similar for the Comuni, which from the citizen’s perspective is certainly the nearest institution in Italy, but which lacks accessibility and transparency, especially in medium-sized towns and metropolies.

That is how Open municipio was born. A not for profit project, ideated together with Informaetica, it aims to open the politics and administrative processes of italian municipalities to the citizens, in order to increase the democratic partecipation level.

Open municipio is a web platform, fueled by official political and administrative data, provided by those municipalities that join the project. Open standards and formats are used to distribute these data back to the citizens in order to keep thing simpler and to possibly re-use applications in other contexts.


Open municipio is a django project, developed on github, by a small team of experts and developers. The project has been subdivided into many independent applications, in order to keep thing simpler and to possibly re-use applications in other contexts.

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