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JHOVE 1.18



  • Installation of external modules is now optional [#292]
  • Inaccessible files are now reported as of "Unknown" status instead of
    "Not well-formed" [#257]
  • Improvements to error handling and uncaught module exceptions,
    increasing resilience during batch processing [#257, #259]
  • Improved path handling, allowing installation locations and file paths to
    contain spaces, and more exotic characters [#206]
  • Error and informational messages have been consolidated into discrete message
    classes for easier maintenance and future improvement [#120, #157,
    #283#285, #287#291]
  • Increased the minimum version of Java from 1.5 to 1.6 [#273]

JPEG Module

  • Added validation for ICC profiles [#249]
  • Fixed handling of Exif profiles [#253]

PDF Module

  • Fixed a false invalid result for some types of encrypted document [#257]
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of escaped characters in name objects [#280]
  • More detailed error messages for indirect references to non-existent
    destinations [#123]

PNG Module

  • Report invalid NISO color types [#171]

TIFF Module

  • Added validation for ICC profiles [#249]

WAVE Module

  • Added support for reporting BWF v2 fields [#273]
  • Simplified BWF profile detection, allowing detection of any future BWF
    versions. All BWF versions will now be reported as "BWF" instead of
    "BWF version #", with any unrecognized versions being flagged [#273]
  • Reformatted the BWF UMID field into a hexadecimal string instead of a long
    sequence of numbers [#273]
  • Changed property label from "Originator Reference" to "OriginatorReference"
    for consistency and predictability [#273]
  • Fixed incorrectly reported format names and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    errors when processing certain non-PCM WAVE files [#118]
  • Changed reported MIME type from audio/x-wave to audio/vnd.wave [#257]

XML Handler

  • Fixed MIX 1.0 and TextMD XML generation for images with certain properties