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JHOVE 1.20



  • Removed obsolete subsitituion from izpack installer [#300]
  • Improved counting accuracy of skipped bytes, allowing better
    EOF detection [#308]

JPEG Module

  • Fixed bug causing JHOVE to skip the wrong number of characters in APP0
    segments [#303]

PDF Module

  • Header check for invalid PDF minor version (not > 7) [#317]
  • Unit tests for PDF Header parsing conditions [#317]
  • Check that document catalog dictionary key \Type equals Catalog [#318]
  • Test that document catalog XRef lookup retrieves the right object
    number [#319]
  • Unit tests for document catalog issues [#318]
  • Test that page dictionary key \Type equals Pages [#322]
  • Unit tests for page dictionary issues [#322]
  • Improved handling of XRef lookup errors for document catalog and pages
    dictonary [#322]
  • Added synthetic test files created by @asciim0 for iPres as unit
    test resources ([#317-#319])
  • Fixed assignment of application/pdf as MIME type for images embedded
    in a PDF [#324]
  • Added method to derive MIME type from Filters and assign to NISO metatadata
    and added String constants for Filter names [#324]

WAVE Module

  • Fixed byte skipping issue when parsing Associated Data List chunks [#309]
  • Added support for parsing and validating RF64 files [#308]
  • Made WAVE parser more resilient to unexpected chunk data [#308]
  • Improved reporting of WAVE codecs in WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE files [#308]
  • Avoids reporting file format and MIME type until signatures have been verified
    and reports extended MIME type information, e.g. audio/vnd.wave; codec=1,
    as per RFC 2361 [#308]
  • Subformat GUID's are now reported in their standard format, e.g.
    00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71, instead of as an
    array of byte values [#308]
  • Added checks to verify the existence of Data chunks and their appearance
    after Format chunks [#308]
  • Expanded WAVE example corpora to cover more formats and errors [#308]
  • Improved truncation detection and reporting [#308]
  • Fixed erroneous reporting of Cue Point values and renamed "Cue" report
    property to "CuePoints" [#308]

Text Handler

  • NISO MIX 1.0 output now includes MIME type as FormatName [#323]

XML Handler

  • NISO MIX 1.0 output now included mandatory <FormatDesignation>
    element [#323]
  • Image MIME type output as mandatory <FormatName> element [#323]