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Simple Python wrapper for the command-line tool of Aware's JPEG 2000 SDK.


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Jpwrappa is a simple Python wrapper around the command-line tool of Aware's JPEG 2000 SDK. It is useful only if you have a copy of this software. Jpwrappa's development was partially supported by the SCAPE Project. The SCAPE project is co-funded by the European Union under FP7 ICT-2009.4.1 (Grant Agreement number 270137).

Note that this wrapper is in its early stages, and any operational use is strongly discouraged at this stage. All JP2 profiles that are included with this software are provided for illustrative/demonstration purposes only!


Command line use

Usage [-h] [-v] [-p PROFILE] [-s SUFFIX] [-m] [-l]  
            imageIn imageOut

Positional arguments

imageIn: input image(s)
imageOut: output JP2 image (or directory where output images are written)

Optional arguments

-h, --help : show this help message and exit
-v, --version : show program's version number and exit
-p PROFILE : JP2 profile
-s SUFFIX : suffix added to base name of output images
-m : embed metadata from input image as XML box (requires ExifTool)
-l : print XML-formatted log to stdout

Examples rubbish.tif rubbish.jp2

Convert one image to JP2 using Aware's default settings. rubbish.tif rubbish.jp2 -p demoLosslessHarvard.xml

Convert one image to JP2 using settings/options defined in profile demoLosslessHarvard.xml. rubbish.tif rubbish.jp2 -p demoLosslessHarvard.xml -l >log.xml

Same as above, but generate XML-formatted log that is directed to file log.xml. *.tif . -p demoLosslessHarvard.xml

Convert all images in current directory with extension .tif to JP2. Output names are automatically generated from the TIFF base names; can be optionally tweaked using -s option.