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SCAPE Cloud Toolkit


Please open a ticket for any kind of bug or issue you find. The issue tracker is at Bitbucket


In case you have an eucalyptus instance that does use "Private Only Addressing" you need to use a patched version of libcloud from

  1. Create a new virtual env for the project: virtualenv --no-site-packages ~/scape
  2. Clone the code from bitbucket/github: git clone
  3. Change to the scape-cloud-toolkit directory
  4. Register the code to the virtualenv defined before: ~/scape/bin/python develop
  5. At this point you can use this tool by calling: ~/scape/bin/sct-cli


Before proceding with the SCAPE Cloud Toolkit you have to setup you credentials. This can be accomplished in two ways: automatic or manual.


  1. Load the eucarc file: . ~/euca/eucarc (change depending on the location of eucarc)
  2. Call the auto configuration command: ~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config euca --autodetect


See: ~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config euca -h


Configure EUCA Credentials

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config euca --autodetect

Create security Group

Create the security group that will be used in the next steps:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv euca -S create-security-group --name=Test1

Add some rules to it:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv euca -S authorize-security-group --name=Test1 --from-port=22 --to-port=65000 --protocol=tcp

Set some global options

In this step we define some configuration defaults that will be used unless we specify them explicitly.

Define the default size of a image that will be used in a cluster:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config registry cluster.default_size=m1.medium

Define the default image that will be used in a cluster:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config registry cluster.default_image=emi-50733A74A

Define the default security group:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cloud-config registry cluster.default_security_group=Test1

Create the cluster

Create a new cluster named SCAPE1

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cluster -S create --name=SCAPE1

Get an console to the manager

This allow you to establish automatically a conection to the management node:

~/scape/bin/sct-cli -vvvvv cluster -S console --name=SCAPE1

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