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Holds the SCAPE component profile ontology and profile XML files.
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To guarantee interoperability between services and enable automation of preservation processes, preservation components must have a standardised interface. The preservation components are based on Taverna workflows as a common language. They either wrap command line tools with necessary post-processing, are directly implemented as workflows or are composed of other components.

To allow discoverability, components must be annotated with relevant information using a common vocabulary. Standardised interfaces add the possibility of automating parts of a preservation process. Additionally, dependencies allow an execution platform to run the components. All these aspects are defined as preservation component profiles. The Taverna workbench can be extended to easily validate workflows against profiles and create and publish components in the component catalogue


This repository contains the profiles, the corresponding ontology and other related files.


This folder contains the profiles that describe different component types. They specify the metadata that must be added to workflows to adhere to profiles. Profiles are written as XML documents that are validated against the Taverna component profile XSD.

The profile specifies mandatory workflow elements (e.g. InputPort, OutputPort, and Activity). For the component itself and each element, the annotations and semanticAnnotations are defined. Ports depth can also be restricted. Semantic annotations are based on the ontology specified in the profile.


The ontology is used to add semantic annotations to the workflows. It describes workflow parts that can be annotated as well as the properties are added as annotations to the workflow parts.

SCAPE component profile ontology classes


This contains images related to the profiles and ontology.


The examples folder contains annotated example workflows.


Contains example snippets of ontology individuals.

License an Acknowledgements

Part of this work was supported by the European Union in the 7th Framework Program, IST, through the SCAPE project, Contract 270137.

All content and data are © 2013 Scape Project and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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