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Scout Installation & Use

Let Scout be your Preservation Guide

Installation Guide


To install you need:

  • Linux or MacOS X operative system (tested in Ubuntu LTS 12.04)
  • Maven 3
  • Apache Tomcat 7.x
  • Optional1: Mail Transport Agent (e.g. Postfix)


Will be available soon.

Installing Scout

To install follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Apache Tomcat 7.x
  2. Configure Apache Tomcat to use more memory. Edit bin/ and add the following line in the beginning of the file, after the comments:
JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx512m -Xms128m $JAVA_OPTS"
  1. Optional1: Install a mail transport agent (e.g. $ sudo apt-get install postfix)
mvn clean install
  • Install Scout Web Application into Apache Tomcat
cp [SOURCES]/web/target/scout-web-*.war [TOMCAT]/webapps/
  • Create the following directories with write permissions by the user running the Apache Tomcat server
sudo mkdir /usr/local/scout
sudo chown [TOMCAT_USER] /usr/local/scout
sudo su [TOMCAT_USER]
mkdir /usr/local/scout/data
mkdir /usr/local/scout/plugins
mkdir /usr/local/scout/plugins/adaptors
mkdir /usr/local/scout/plugins/notifications
mkdir ~/.scout
  • Copy available adaptor plugins
find [SOURCES]/adaptors/ -name "*-jar-with-dependencies.jar" -exec cp -v {} /usr/local/scout/plugins/adaptors/ \;
  • Copy available notification plugins
find [SOURCES]/notifications/ -name "*-jar-with-dependencies.jar" -exec cp -v {} /usr/local/scout/plugins/notifications/ \;
  • Save users.ini to /usr/local/scout
  • Start Apache Tomcat server


To use the tool, open it in your browser, e.g. at http://localhost:8080/scout-web-v0.2.0/. Use username 'admin' and password 'admin' to login as an administrator.

To create the PRONOM adaptor

  1. Open the scout-web web application
  2. Go to Administration
  3. Create a new Source Adaptor
  4. Create a new Source called "PRONOM"
  5. Select the new Source Adaptor with the pronom plugin and the instance name "pronom-default"

More instruction on how to use will be here soon.


Problems and workarounds will be here when needed.


Scout is released under Apache version 2.0 license.


This tool is supported by the Open Planets Foundation. Commercial support is provided by KEEP SOLUTIONS.


Version 0.2.0

  • Ontologic knowledge base backend
  • Information sources:
  • Content characterization profile (via C3PO adaptor)
  • File format information (via PRONOM adaptor)
  • Institutional policy information (using a policy model)
  • Repository events (via Report API adaptor)
  • Web Archive renderability analysis (via C3PO adaptor)
  • Web and REST interface with:
  • Browsing of knowledge base
  • Advanced query with SPARQL
  • Simple query with query templates
  • Create triggers and be notified
  • Notifications:
  • Email


  1. An external SMTP server can optionally be configured. 2