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Qualification Operations

When auction is over, the qualification process starts. The status of tender is active.qualification then. Right after results are submitted to Central DB, there is award generated for auction winner.

Listing awards

The pending award can be retrieved via request to list all available awards:

When the award is in pending status, it means that procuring entity has to review documents describing the bid and other bidder documents.


The protocol of Qualification Committee decision should be uploaded as document into award and later its status should switch to either active (if it is accepted) or unsuccessful (if rejected).

The Qualification Committee can upload several documents, for example, decisions to prolong the qualification process - in order to allow the bidder to collect all necessary documents or correct errors. Such documents would help to have procedure as transparent as possible and will reduce risk of cancellation by Complaint Review Body.

Note that after award rejection the next bid in the value-sorted bid sequence becomes subject of subsequent award. For convenience you can use the Location response header from the response above that is pointing to an award in "pending" state.

Contract Awarding

Protocol upload:

POST /tenders/64e93250be76435397e8c992ed4214d1/awards/{}/documents HTTP/1.1

Confirming the Award:

PATCH /tenders/64e93250be76435397e8c992ed4214d1/awards/{} HTTP/1.1

        "status": "active"
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

The procuring entity can wait until bidder provides all missing documents (licenses, certificates, statements, etc.) or update original bid documents to correct errors. Alternatively, they can reject the bid if provided documents do not satisfy the pass/fail criteria of tender (even before full package of supplementary documents is available).

Cancelling Active Award

Sometimes Bidder refuses to sign the contract even after passing qualification process. In this case Procuring Entity is expected to be able to reject approved award and disqualify Bid afterwards.

After we have Award with active status:

There is need to cancel it:

Note that there is Location header returned that aids in locating the "fresh" award that is most likely subject for disqualification:

In the case when there is another Bid for qualification, there will be Location header in the response pointing to its Award.

Influence of Complaint Satisfaction

If decision of the procuring entity is unfair any bidder can file complaint and after proper review the whole awarding process can start from the award in question.

Disqualification decision of procuring entity's qualification committee can be cancelled in the following cases:

  • claim for this disqualification has been submitted (claim status is claim);
  • claim has been answered (claim status is answered);
  • complaint is pending review (complaint status is pending);
  • complaint has been satisfied by the Complaint Review Body (complaint status is resolved).

After the disqualification decision cancellation it receives cancelled status. New pending award is generated and procuring entity is obliged to qualify it again (taking into consideration recommendations from the report of Complaint Review Body if there is one).