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Fin. Tutorial

Tutorial for the dgfFinancialAssets procedure.

Creating auction

Let's create auction with the minimal data set (only required properties):

Success! Now we can see that new object has been created. Response code is 201 and Location response header reports the location of the created object. The body of response reveals the information about the created auction: its internal id (that matches the Location segment), its official auctionID and dateModified datestamp stating the moment in time when auction has been last modified. Pay attention to the procurementMethodType. Note that auction is created with active.tendering status.

Let's access the URL of the created object (the Location header of the response):

We can see the same response we got after creating auction.

Let's see what listing of auctions reveals us:

We do see the auction's internal id (that can be used to construct full URL by prepending and its dateModified datestamp.

Document, VDR

Uploading documentation

Organizer can upload PDF files into the created auction. Uploading should follow the upload rules.

201 Created response code and Location header confirm document creation. We can additionally query the documents collection API endpoint to confirm the action:

The single array element describes the uploaded document. We can upload more documents:

And again we can confirm that there are two documents uploaded.

In case we made an error, we can reupload the document over the older version:

And we can see that it is overriding the original version:

Uploading illustration

Organizer can upload illustration files into the created auction. Uploading should follow the upload rules.

In order to specify illustration display order, index field can be used (for details see document). Since this illustration should be displayed first, it has "index": 1.

We can check whether illustration is uploaded.

Organizer can upload second illustration. This illustration should be displayed second, so it has "index": 2.

Add third illustration:

Note that index of the third illustration is the same as for the second illustration: "index": 2. In such cases firstly will be displayed illustration that was uploaded earlier.

We can check that there are three uploaded illustrations.

Adding virtual data room

Organizer can add URL for virtual data room:


Registering bid

Bidder can register a bid in draft status. Bidder must specify UA-FIN value for the additionalIdentifiers parameter.

And activate a bid:

And upload license (with documentType: financialLicense):

It is possible to check the uploaded documents:

For the best effect (biggest economy) auction should have multiple bidders registered: