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Exploring basic rules

Let's try exploring the /contracts endpoint:

Just invoking it reveals an empty set.

Contract is transferred from the tender system by an automated process.

.. index:: Contracts

Creating contract

Let's say that we have conducted tender and it has complete status. When the tender is completed, contract (that has been created in the tender system) is transferred to the contract system automatically.

Brokers (eMalls) can't create contracts in the contract system.

Getting contract

Contract in the tender system

Contract id is the same in both tender and contract system.

Let's access the URL of the created object:

Getting access

In order to get rights for future contract editing, you need to use this view PATCH: /contracts/{id}/credentials?acc_token={tender_token} with the API key of the eMall (broker), where tender was generated.

In the PATCH: /contracts/{id}/credentials?acc_token={tender_token}:

  • id stands for contract id,
  • tender_token is tender's token (is used for contract token generation).

Response will contain access.token for the contract that can be used for further contract modification.

Let's view contracts.

We do see the internal id of a contract (that can be used to construct full URL by prepending and its dateModified datestamp.

Modifying contract

You can make changes to the contract in cases described in the 4th part of Article 36 of the Law "On the Public Procurement".

Essential contract terms can be modified by the submission of a new :ref:`change` object to the Contract.changes container.

All changes are processed by the endpoint /contracts/{id}/changes.

Submitting a change

Let's add new change to the contract:

Note that you can provide more than one value in rationaleTypes field.

You can view the change:

Change can be modified while it is in the pending status:

Uploading change document

Document can be added only while change is in the pending status.

Document has to be added in two stages:

  • you should upload document
  • you should set document properties "documentOf": "change" and "relatedItem": "{}" in order to bind the uploaded document to the change:

Updating contract properties

Now you can update contract properties which belong to the change.

We see the added properties have merged with existing contract data. Additionally, the dateModified property was updated to reflect the last modification datestamp.

Fields that can be modified: title, description, status, value.amount, period, items, amountPaid.amount, terminationDetails.

See examples of items customization below. You can:

  • update item:
  • delete item:

Request example for cases when contract has several items:

Applying the change

Change can be applied by switching to the active status.

In order to apply active status dateSigned field must be set.

After this change can't be modified anymore.

dateSigned field validation:

  • for the first contract change date should be after contract.dateSigned;
  • for all next change objects date should be after the previous change.dateSigned.

You can view all changes:

All changes are also listed on the contract view.

Uploading documentation

Procuring entity can upload PDF files into the created contract. Uploading should follow the :ref:`upload` rules.

201 Created response code and Location header confirm document creation. We can additionally query the documents collection API endpoint to confirm the action:

And again we can confirm that there are two documents uploaded.

In case we made an error, we can reupload the document over the older version:

And we can see that it is overriding the original version:

.. index:: Enquiries, Question, Answer

Completing contract

Before contract can be completed amountPaid field value should be set (regardless whether the contract was successful or unsuccessful). Contract can be completed by switching to terminated status. Let's perform these actions in single request:

Note that you can set/change only amountPaid.amount value. amountPaid.currency and amountPaid.valueAddedTaxIncluded fields' values are generated from Contract.value field.

If contract is unsuccessful reasons for termination terminationDetails should be specified.

Any future modification to the contract are not allowed.