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Identification Bot


For users from group robot endpoint api/1.0/verify will return details information. Request looks like:

File-reference name is edr_identification.yaml and is uploaded to tenders with status ` active.pre-qualification` and procurementMethodType: aboveThresholdEU, competitiveDialogueUA, competitiveDialogueEU and tender with status active.qualification with procurementMethodType: aboveThresholdUA, aboveThresholdUA.defense, aboveThresholdEU, competitiveDialogueUA.stage2, competitiveDialogueEU.stage2. Field identifier.scheme should have value UA-EDR. File-reference is uploaded to award/qualification with pending status and contains field documentType: registerExtract. If identifier:id is not found in EDR, then file will include next error {error: {code: notFound, errorDetails: Couldn't find this code in EDR.}}.

File-reference also includes service information in meta.

  • author - author of file-reference, have value IdentificationBot,
  • id - unique identifier of file-reference,
  • sourceDate - creation date,
  • sourceRequests - list of request numbers to API, EDR-proxy,
  • version - file-reference format version.

Value meta.version now have value 1.1.1. First number - major version (delete field, rename, remove), second number - minor version (add field), third number - bugfix version (changes that do not change fields, but fix bugs). For example, changing of file-reference name from edr_request.yaml to edr_identification.yaml increased first number(major version), adding field increased second number (minor version).

Change value of meta.version filed to 1.2.1 after adding fields to file-reference:

  • registrationStatusDetails - text state of the entity (uk),
  • registrationStatus - text state of the entity.
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