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Basic request

In order to get information from EDR by code EDRPOU you need to make a request to api/1.0/verify endpoint, passing code as GET parameter:

Response consists of the following fields: x_edrInternalId, registrationStatusDetails, registrationStatus, identification.schema,, identification.legalName, identification.url.

  • x_edrInternalId - unique identification of the subject,
  • registrationStatusDetails - text state of the entity (uk),
  • registrationStatus - text state of the entity,
  • identification.schema - “UA-EDR”
  • - EDRPOU; if the subject - an individual entrepreneur - instead of IPN system returns ten zeros, because the data is confidential,
  • identification.legalName - name of the entity,
  • identification.url - link to the entity with detailed information.

Also response contains meta.sourceDate field - date when information from EDR API was received.

Request with Individual Tax Number

If you need to obtain information about individual entrepreneurs then send a request with code IPN:


Response to the unsuccessful request contains list of errors with description, code in response body and status.

API returns the following response when limit of requests to the resource is reached:

Response contains message with time when current limitation will expire.

When given EDRPOU (IPN) were not found in EDR response will contains message EDRPOU not found:

When GET parameter code or passport is not passed proxy-server will return response with error:

Rest of errors appears on the proxy-server side and can contain one of next messages:


These errors are not related to the created request.