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Create new schema for 06*****

Schema fields table.


For schema with pattern 06***** we need fields:
  • region
  • district
  • cadastral_number
  • area
  • forms_of_land_ownership
  • co_owners
  • availability_of_utilities

Create template using SchemaOnline. Paste fields, and generate template for schema.


Edit template

Template which we got on previous step

Now we can add validation, description, and default value for every field.

We got such a scheme.

Add ID

Pattern for schema is 06******, so ID must look like urn:cav:06******-*.***

Create schema for 061****

Schema fields table.


We can see that 061***** template has 1 additional field.

Copy previous schema, edit fields, add one more, and edit ID.

Updated schema: