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Complaint Retrieval

Tender Award Complaint Retrieval

You can list all Tender Award Complaints:

And check individual complaint:

Complaint Submission

If tender award is favoriting certain supplier, or in any other viable case, any registered user can submit Tender Award Complaint.

Tender Award Complaint Submission (with documents)

At first create a complaint.

Then upload necessary documents:

Submit tender award complaint:

Tender Award Complaint Submission (without documents)

You can submit complaint that does not need additional documents:

Complaint Resolution

Rejecting Tender Award Complaint

Accepting Tender Award Complaint

Submitting Tender Award Complaint Resolution

The Complaint Review Body uploads the resolution document:

And either resolves complaint:

Or declines it:

Correcting problems

If tender award complaint was satisfied by the Complaint Review Body, then procuring entity has to correct problems.

One of the possible solutions is award cancellation:

Creating new award:

Submitting Resolution Confirmation

When complaint has been successfully resolved, procuring entity submits resolution confirmation.

Submitting complaint to new award

Cancelling Tender Award Complaint

Cancelling not accepted complaint

Cancelling accepted complaint by Complainant

Cancelling accepted complaint by Reviewer