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Multiple Lots Tutorial

Creating tender

Let's create tender:

Now we can see that new object was created. Response code is 201 and Location response header reports the location of the created object. The body of response reveals the information about the created tender: its internal id (that matches the Location segment), its official tenderID and dateModified datestamp stating the moment in time when tender was last modified. Note that tender is created with active.tendering status.

Tender can contain several different lots. We can add lot using the following way:

Also you will need to update data about item's related lots:

View tender listing:

or view tender:


Addition of supplier information is the same for all procedures.

Add award for lot №1:

Award confirmation:

The difference between startDate and endDate in complaintPeriod record for negotiation is 10 days and for negotiation.quick is 5 days.

Setting contract value

By default contract value is set based on the award, but there is a possibility to set custom contract value.

If you want to lower contract value, you can insert new one into the amount field.

200 OK response was returned. The value was modified successfully.

Contract registration

Negotiation and Negotiation.quick tender contract can be registered only after the stand-still (10 and 5 days period after the award confirmation).