Plugin for Billmanager5 integration with openprovider
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Plugin for Billmanager5 integration with openprovider

System requirements


  1. Clone or download op-billmanager5-domains files
  2. Upload all downloaded files to your server and distribute them to Billmanager5 directories according to the following scheme:

mgr5/xml/ => [BILLMGR_PATH]/etc/xml/
mgr5/addon/ => [BILLMGR_PATH]/addon/
mgr5/proccesing/ => [BILLMGR_PATH]/proccessing/

Note: BILLMGR_PATH almost always is /usr/local/mgr5

  1. Mark "addon/domainauthcode.php" and "addon/pmopenprovider" as executables (chmod +x)
  2. Restart billmanager to commit changes (killall core)
  3. Done

You can find the detailed guide to setting up the domain name provider modules by going to the link below:


When i'm trying to install plugin, billmanager returns an internal error

First of all, check that execution rights for "addon/domainauthcode.php" and "addon/pmopenprovider" (as per step 3) are set correctly. If it dosn't work, check php interpreter path (for example enter "whereis php" in command prompt). If it isn't "/usr/bin/php", changing the line "#/usr/bin/php" to "#[YOUR_PATH]" in "addon/domainauthcode.php" and "addon/pmopenprovider" should help.