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Python GUI for the OpenPTV - **obsolete** - use PyPTV
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"old" Python GUI for OpenPTV

OpenPTV-Python is the Python graphical user interface (GUI) for the OpenPTV library liboptv. It is basically the Traits, TraitsUI, Chaco, Enable based GUI (most are Enthought Inc. packages) that interfaces the OpenPTV library that includes all the core algorithms (correspondence, tracking, calibration, etc.) written in ANSI C.

Both the GUI and the OpenPTV library are in the development phase and continuously refactored. Please follow the development on the community mailing list:

Note that this GUI version is outdated, we move to PyPTV

Documentation, including installation instructions

Getting started:

If the compilation passed, open the terminal and run:

	python pyptv_gui/ test_cavity


	pythonw pyptv_gui/ test_cavity

It is possible to install wxPython instead of PyQt4, and switch between those:

	ETS_TOOLKIT=wx python test_cavity

Follow the instructions in our screencasts and tutorials:

Ask for help on our mailing list: