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Here are a set of Open Query customisations for Munin.

Elements from our contributions upstream that we pull back to the current version:

munin-asyncd has been altered to run strictly on the interval relative to the wall clock rather than the async starting time. (upstream version 2.1.10+/2.0.24+)

mysql_ plugin - lots of added graphs

numa_ plugin - new

See offical codebase:

Using munin-async

git clone /etc/munin/openquery

If using Debian (and I assume Ubuntu too) create /etc/default/munin-asyncd and set it with the following:

DAEMON_ARGS="--spooldir /var/lib/munin-async"

After that /etc/init.d/munin-async will work as normal

Using our plugins

git clone /etc/munin/openquery

sudo /etc/munin/openquery/

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