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AMS Short Course on Interacting with Radar Data in The Cloud

Welcome to what is going to be a very novel workshop. We have given several workshops in the past and used various techniques such as Anaconda environments and Virtual Machines. One limitation has always been the hardware. Well the fact that the AMS meeting is in Seattle and that Amazon now hosts the whole NEXRAD archive on a Simple Storage Solution (S3) Bucket means it is time for the first ever AMS Short Course on Interacting with Radar Data in The Cloud.

Pre-Worksop Instructions

Please follow the instructions here:

Note: Not all steps are compulsory, but at the very minimum the first step needs to be completed and Amazon needs to verify your account.

Morning Directions

Please follow instructions here:

Starting and Provisioning an EC2 instance

In this course we will be working with an EC2 instance that uses a shell script to install Anaconda Python, Py-ART, MetPy, Siphon and Project Jupyter. The script also configures Jupyter to serve notebooks via HTTPS so students can interact with the EC2 instance. Very detailed instructions are here:

Course Notebooks

  1. An Introduction to Python

  1. An Introduction to Numpy

  1. An Introduction to Matplotlib

  1. An Introduction to Scipy

  1. Basic Py-ART

  1. Siphon Radar Server

  1. Surface Data with Siphon and MetPy

  1. Introduction to Boto, Nexrad on S3 with a hurricane chaser

  1. Putting it all together


AMS Short Course on Interacting with Radar Data in The Cloud







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