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  - Establishing Rally Interoperability Standards For The World Ahead

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license

What is OpenRally?

OpenRally is a community standard for electronic exchange of rally information. It is owned and maintained by those who choose to collaborate.

What's new in v1.0.0:

  • Separation of cross-country tags from road rally tags
  • Removal of duplicate tags
  • Specified sensible defaults in XSD, per FIM or other current regulations
  • Inclusion of tulip and notes drawings/icons via base64 PNG or SVG


These software and hardware projects currently support OpenRally format.

Roadbook Creation Software

  • Rally Navigator
  • RiverNotes


  • TowerOne
  • Rally Comp
  • RallyBlitz


(in order of joining)

  • ICO Racing
  • Rally Navigator
  • CoMaster
  • F2R
  • Rally Comp
  • Amageza Rally
  • Hog Wild Racing
  • R3 - Roadbook Rally Raid
  • Tulip
  • Rally Blitz
  • RiverNotes

Mailing Lists

For the latest news and announcements, subscribe to the new mailing list by sending an email to openrallynews-request with 'subscribe' in the Subject field.

Why GPX?

GPX is the most common geo-mapping file format. Most devices which record tracks or have online maps can import/export GPX format.

GPX is also a format with many existing tools for converting.

GPX was designed with extensibility in mind.

But GPX is XML and XML is too verbose...

It's true that XML can be more verbose than a binary format. However, once image data for tulips and notes fields are included, the weight of the XML text is negligible. Keep in mind, this is an interchange format, not the required format for storage or network transfer, which are entirely in the domain of the user. As an interchange format, ease of use is paramount.

Implementation notes

Authors of software which are consuming OpenRally GPX files should inspect the version of the schema specified in the GPX document. Parsing should be according to the version specified. We will implement versioning as of v1.0.0.


Check out cross-country/example.gpx and cross-country/openrally.xsd for the latest specification


Please test and validate using xmllint.

$ cd cross-country
$ ./
openrally.xsd validates
../common/gpx-strict.xsd validates
test_wrapper.xsd validates
example.gpx validates

What about road rally?

OpenRally v1.0.0 targets cross-country rally only. For road rally, please see

We are looking for subject matter experts to contribute to OpenRally for road rally. Contact if you want to contribute.

About - Establishing Rally Interoperability Standards For The World Ahead



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