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OpenWrap is a package management system for .net.

What is it?

OpenWrap lets you search for and consume packages in your projects, and resolve for you the various dependencies that each of those packages contain. This will let you easily install your latest open-source framework as easily as typing o add-wrap nhibernate.core.

OpenWrap also comes with an extensible command-based system that can be deployed alongside your packages, letting you provide tools to use with your project alongside it, while still being xcopy friendly.


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Quick start

Getting started is simple.

First, download OpenWrap and execute it. When prompted, choose to install the executable and add it to your path. This will let you use the `o` shell from anywhere.

Then, create a new project structure for your new project.

c:\code\> o init-wrap myProject

Once the structure is created, you can create a project using Visual Studio or any other editor you may want in the generated /src folder. Only thing left is to hook OpenWrap to your new projects.

c:\code\> cd myProject
c:\code\myProject> o init-wrap -all

You’re now ready to add any package you may need.

If you need to use a NuGet package, you can do so by adding the NuGet repository to your list of remotes, by typing o add-remote nuget. Additional information about NuGet support

And to add nhibernate to your project, it’s as simple as o add-wrap nhibernate.core

To see available packages type o list-wrap -remote openwrap (or o list-wrap -remote nuget)

OpenWrap supports ReSharper integration, so ReSharper will know about the code in your project’s wraps. For more information and trouble-shooting, see the ReSharper integration section.

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