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  1. magpie Public

    A Cloud Security Posture Manager or CSPM with a focus on security analysis for the modern cloud stack and a focus on the emerging threat landscape such as cloud ransomware and supply chain attacks.

    Java 142 16

  2. mockingbird Public

    A toolset to test data classification engines that generates mock data in various file formats, sizes and data profiles.

    Python 35 4

  3. Magpie security rules for AWS and GCP security configurations with policies mapping those rules to standards such as AWS CIS Benchmarks, PCI and HIPAA.

    Java 7 4

  4. Docker desktop run for Magpie

    Shell 3 1

  5. magpie-api Public

    The API for Magpie plugins.

    Java 3 1

  6. docs Public

    @WIP The main repo for technical documentation for all projects. This repo is used to build the documentation site

    HTML 2 1


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