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// OpenRDAP
// Copyright 2017 Tom Harwood
// MIT License, see the LICENSE file.
package rdap
// Nameserver represents information of a DNS nameserver.
// Nameserver is a topmost RDAP response object.
type Nameserver struct {
DecodeData *DecodeData
Conformance []string `rdap:"rdapConformance"`
ObjectClassName string
Notices []Notice
Handle string
LDHName string `rdap:"ldhName"`
UnicodeName string
IPAddresses *IPAddressSet `rdap:"ipAddresses"`
Entities []Entity
Status []string
Remarks []Remark
Links []Link
Port43 string
Events []Event
// IPAddressSet is a subfield of Nameserver.
type IPAddressSet struct {
DecodeData *DecodeData
V6 []string
V4 []string