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HSDS Reference

The Human Services Data Specification defines a set of objects and the relationships between them.

This page provides the canonical definition of each object and its required or optional fields.

A collection of HSDS data can be serialised as a Tabular Data Package consisting of csv files for each of the objects required, and a package descriptor (datapackage.json) file adapted from the current HSDS specification to include any additional fields and meta-data from the data publisher.

Names and descriptions

Locations, Services and Organizations all have name and description field that can contain free text.

A name and alternate_name field should only ever include plain text, without formatting.

A description field may include HTML elements or Markdown, with special characters escaped or encoded.

Consuming applications that expect plain-text only should strip HTML tags from these fields.

Publishers should also be aware that some applications may wish to extract a 'short description' from the description field, and may do so by looking for the first full sentance, or first line-break.

Objects and fields

.. jsontableschemainclude:: ../datapackage.json