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Facets endpoint


This RFC proposes to change the endpoint for the records' “facets” to simplify path handling.

The facets requirement is not essential for a Register to operate so this RFC proposes relaxing the specification and making its implementation optional.


Currently the REST API for facets uses a path structure that overlaps with the standard record structure. This makes path handling (e.g. analytics, logging) harder than it needs to be. Observation suggests that users can get confused of what is the resource about.


For context, the current endpoint for facets is:

GET /records/{attribute-name}/{attribute-value}

The record endpoint is:

GET /records/{key}

And the records endpoint is:

GET /records

This RFC proposes to change the facets endpoint to extend the records endpoint with a query string to make more obvious that a “facet” is filter on the records collection.

GET /records{?name, value}

Where {?name} is required if {?value} is provided.

Filter by strict value match

GET /records?name={attribute-name}&value={attribute-value}

Exactly the current behaviour.

Backwards compatibility

In order to guarantee backwards compatibility and to have a smooth transition, the old endpoint should issue HTTP permanent redirects (301) to the new equivalents.